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Alpen Pharma Croatia

Alpen Pharma Croatia is a  member of  Alpen Pharma Group since 2013, with headquarters in Zagreb. We represent three German manufacturers of OTC  drugs.


Alpen Pharma Croatia in its portfolio includes natural OTC products to boost immunity, to treat colds, relieve symptoms of dementia, memory disorders and concentration.



We are proud homeopathic part, completely natural remedies to relieve symptoms of rhinosinuitis, and menopause, with special emphasis on the medicines line for babies and children, "Mama Natura" to relieve symptoms of cramps and bloating, as well as to strengthen the immune system, from the first days of life.



We are a small team, large and high-quality German manufacturers of OTC products, whose common goal is a daily responsibility and security for our users.

In order to completely true and clear picture of us and our products,  as well as greater acceptance , we  communicate daily with doctors, pharmacists and our customers.

It is our desire to get closer to the Croatian market with completely natural, unique, innovative and safe products.

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